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"The A-37 Association exists to bring together those who flew, worked on, worked with, or have high admiration for the Great Little Fighter." 

Ollie Maier, A-37 Association


Membership Information
Ollie Maier
306 Village West Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666-9436
512-353-7432 Ph,  512-754-3435 Fax
email gm08@TxState.edu
That's gm zero-eight

Association Dues
Jerry Sailors
142 Arrowhead Drive
Montgomery AL, 36117-4104
email dragonfly369@charter.net

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2015 A-37 Association Reunion is in Nashville this August
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A-37 Association Reunions

The 1999 Reunion Page

Previous Reunions

2001 Reunion Fort Walton Beach, FL  2003 Reunion Tucson, AZ
2005 Reunion Irving TX
Reunion 2007, Washington DC


Dragonfly Photos and Links

A Tribute to the A-37.
History of the aircraft and what it was like to fly and operate.

Association members have contributed A-37 photographs and slides.  I think you will enjoy the
A-37 Photo Gallery.

Visit Bien Hoa Diary.
It's a lot of memories for many of us.  Photos by Lambo.

Bien Hoa Diary #2. 
More memories, by Charlie Bryant.

England AFB Graduating Class #1. 
Who are these guys?

Let's take some gas. 
We're going AAR with a KC-97!  By Lambo.

More gas.  Go get tanked with the Barksdale Crew.  By Steve Dean.

Bien Hoa Diary #3
"The Office" by Bob Macaluso.

Link to A-37 Personal Web site photos
by Sgt.Jim Fattaleh, 604th. FMS,
Pneudraulics Repairman

A-37's Down Under.
Australian Dragonflys.

England AFB Graduating Class #2

Life at Alex!

A-37's in Diamond Formation!
Check out Bien Hoa Diary #4 by Bob Mead.

The Grand Canyon
from the cockpit of an A-37.

The story of Michael Blassie
an Air Force web page. 

Bien Hoa Diary #5
The "Boo" crash landing!

Email from Sundog 21
The High FAC on Michael Blassie's last mission.

Dragonfly is in the war on drugs

VNAF Squadron, 528th FS, Da Nang.

Bien Hoa Diary #6
"Working the Night Shift" by Perry Ellison

Close Air Support Customer!
A letter from Bryan Waltz.

Gordon Johnson's Dragonfly

Bien Hoa Diary #7
"The 25,000th Sortie" by Bill Dunnington.

There was a dog named Blackjack!

The fallof Saigon and the
A-37 attack on Tan Son Nhut airport.

Attack on Tan Son Nhut follow up
Captured A-37B pictures.

Bien Hoa Diary #8
By Rick Dutcher
A-37 gets full page write up in the
AIR FORCE Magazine
A-37 gets press coverage in
Investor's Business Daily
A-37's older cousin appears at
ShawFest 2000
Read a good book lately?  Try
Day of the NightHawk by member Dennis Selvig
Outstanding A-37 Model Aircraft
Gone South!  A-37's on active duty in Guatemala
Bien Hoa Diary #9
Tet of '68 by Bob Hunt
Bien Hoa Diary #10
by George White
Gordon Johnson's
A-37 Restoration Project Update
The Demise of #513
by Lon Holtz
A-37's in the Chile Air Force
By Major Fornet
Bien Hoa Diary #11
by Lon Holtz
Air Force Times article
Jan 13, 2003
Bien Hoa Diary #12
by Lon Holtz
Bien Hoa Diary #14 by Byron Hukee
A-1  A-37 formation.
Bien Hoa Diary #15 by Murrell Porter
Snake School, Flying, Partying, the whole 9 yards!
Who ARE these guys?
Art Chase and crew
A VNAF Hero during the fall of Saigon
Lt. Nguyen

A Thailand A-37!

Bien Hoa Diary #16 by Fred Long
"Letters Home"

Reunion 2007, Washington D.C.
By Ed Norris,and By Tom McCollum

Other A-37 Web-links
All A-37 people are special, some of them also have web sites/pages:

Lon Holtz

Dave Sibley

Other USAF members, use  AF Link
then search by name.

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All members and visitors, please review Missing Buddies, Friends, Contacts.

Aircraft and organization sites

Rustic FAC's Our partners

The Air Commando Association

The Raven FAC's

OV-10 "Mighty Bronco" Association

The A-1 Skyraider Association

The Red River Valley Fighter Pilot's Association

The Spectre Association

The Smithsonian Air And Space Musem

Military.com Lots of info, reunions and more.

FlightOfThePhoenix.org by member Steve Dean.  Check it out!

Marines' Memorial Club/Hotel, San Francisco

England AFB.com  It may be gone, but not forgotten.

The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA) Reunion Notices

http://hometown.aol.com/heffpilot/VetCombatPilot.html (Get those great license plate holders!)

If you read Spanish or not, you will enjoy the web site http://www.pilotoviejo.com/ New!

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